This Weeks Topic Was Going To Be Communication, But

We are attempting to have a weekly focus on an issue that affects a PLWD (person living with dementia), their caregivers, and others whom may interact with a PLWD. Our topic this week was going to be communication. However I am spent, exhausted, brain numb. I’m not sure that I know what writer’s block is, but if it is not being able to write a cohesive four or five-paragraph blog post. I have it today and most Mondays.

Monday is kind of my day to relax, weekends are hard here. They are a deviation from the rest of the week. And I am starting to think deviation is not good for a PLWD they need a routine. While they may not know what is different they know something is different. I think this causes confusion, which leads to anxiety, followed by agitation. The agitation may lead to outbursts and sometimes violent behavior. I am lucky in the fact we have limited violent behavior.

Typically I survive on about 6 to 6.5 hours of sleep per night. This is usually interrupted at least once and sometimes twice or more. On the weekends, if I am lucky it will be 5 – 6 hours sleep per night. Thus Monday brain-fog.

Communication becomes challenging when one or both is agitated.  Here is the best advice that I have today.

Let the emotions play out, whether it is tears, laughter, joy or anger. I think they need to experience their emotions, try as best you can to go with the flow.

I found the following statement on the “Social Care Institute for Excellence” ‘People with dementia often lead very emotional lives. Anxiety and grief may be quite near to the surface. Don’t shy away from tears. Stay with the person and offer them natural support.

You may not be able to fix the cause of the anxiety or grief, but seeing this through with them and not being afraid will help them enormously. Never underestimate this. Likewise, having a belly laugh together over something silly is a great way of getting to know each other.’

Hopefully the rest of the week will be better; otherwise, communication may be a two-week topic.

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